Welcome to Student Support Services

  • Student Support Services Department is dedicated to academic success. Student Support Services offers a wide range of social, emotional, and health resources to help students thrive.  We promote attendance and a positive school climate by focusing on the whole child, providing critical support services and removing barriers to learning.


  • Student Support Services/CWA
    1144 E. Channel St. #205
    Stockton, CA 95205

    Dr. Reyes Gauna
    Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services
    (209) 933-7115 ext 2747

    Dr. Traci E. Miller
    Director, Student Support Services, Child Welfare and Attendance
    (209) 933-7130 ext 1373

    Queenie Ataya
    Executive Assistant II
    (209) 933-7130 ext 2612

    Homeless Liaison/Social Services
    (209) 933-7020 ext 2451

    Eloisa Millan
    Foster Youth/Social Services
    (209) 933-7020 ext 2614

    Jennifer Robles
    (209) 933-7130 x 2617

    Tami Gray
    Student Assistance Program Chairperson High School

    (209) 933-7130 ext 2620

    John New
    Student Assistance Program Chairperson K-8
    (209) 933-7130 x 2613

    Jillian Glende
    PLUS Program Counselor
    (209) 933-7130 x 8266