HHI (Home Hospital Instruction)


    What is HHI and who can apply for the program?


    HHI is a program in which we provide temporary educational services to students in their home (and/or hospital within our district boundaries) if they need to be out of school for four weeks or longer. 

    Students who are temporarily unable to attend school due to a medical condition such as illness, injury, mental or emotional disability who are being treated by a physician can apply for this program.

    The application must either include one or both of the following:

    • A signed letter from a California licensed Physician/Psychiatrist stating the condition, treatment plan for the student, how long the student will be out of school and what is the estimate return to school date.  The parent must also complete other required forms.
    • The California licensed Physician/Psychiatrist must completely fill out and sign the backside of the application on the Physician/Psychiatrist Certification portion. The parent must also complete other required forms.

    This is a temporary service placement. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to notify the school of the student's medical condition and apply for the program.

    **Students in the program DO NOT roll over to the following school year. Parents/Guardians can apply for the program each year starting in July.

    HHI Applications Forms:

    Only COMPLETED Applications will be processed. Parents/Guardians will be contacted within 5 business days after the submission of the completed application.

    Applications can be:

    • Emailed to dyanez@stocktonusd.net (OR)
    • Mailed or dropped off at our office drop box
      • 975 N. D. St. - Stockton, CA 95205

    Stockton Unified School District HHI Board Policy: