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  • The Language Development Office has the responsibility for overseeing, monitoring, and supporting the Language Development Program.  The staff provides ongoing professional learning, coaching, modeling, co-teaching and co-planning, and monitoring of all El programs in the district. Funding is provided through State and Federal programs for all EL students.  The accountability system follows State and Federal guidelines.

    Vision: The Language Development Office is dedicated to advocating for English learners by focusing on their academic achievement, language fluency, and self-empowerment.

    Mission: The Language Development Office provides quality services and ongoing support for all stakeholders (students, parents, community members, teachers, and administrators) to ensure that every English learner receives consistent, meaningful instruction leading to career and college readiness.


Bienvenido a Language Development

  • La oficina de Desarrollo del Lenguaje tiene la responsabilidad de supervisar, monitorear, y apoyar el Programa de Desarrollo del Lenguaje. El personal provee aprendizaje profesional continuo, entrenamientos, modelaje, enseñanza cooperativa y planificación cooperativa, y monitoreo de todos los programas para los aprendices de inglés (El por sus siglas en inglés) en el distrito. Financiamiento del programa se proporciona a través de Programas Estatales y Federales para todos los estudiantes de EL. El sistema de rendición de cuentas sigue las guías estatales y federales.

    Visión: La Oficina de Desarrollo del Lenguaje se dedica a abogar por los aprendices de Inglés enfocándose en su logro académico, fluidez del lenguaje, y auto-empoderamiento.

    Misión: La Oficina de Desarrollo del Lenguaje proporciona servicios de calidad y apoyo continuo para todos los interesados (estudiantes, padres, miembros de la comunidad, maestros, y administradores) para asegurar que cada aprendiz de Inglés reciba instrucción consistente y significativa que le permita prepararse para una carrera y universidad.

English Learner Roadmap

  • Providing Direction for English Learner Success

    In July 2017, the California State Board of Education adopted a historic new English Learner education policy; The English Learner Roadmap.  The Roadmap offers a vision and direction for English Learner education that sets California on a new course that views the education of English learners as a system-wide responsibility, recognizes the need to provide English Learner students with a rich and challenging curriculum from early childhood to grade 12, and respects the value of English Learners’ primary language and culture.

    Click here to view the 2018-19 new teacher professional learning schedule



  • B.E.L.I.E.F. - Blueprints for Effective Leadership and Instruction for our English Learners’ Future

    Click here for modules which will help you gain a deeper understanding of helping our English Learners. There is an excellent one on Newcomers.

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