Local Control & Accountability Plan

LCAP Engagement

  • Valued Educational Partners

    Stockton Unified's LCAP Team looks forward to our continued partnership and opportunities to build trust with parents and families, teachers, classified staff, principals, district administration, and most of all our students.

    We welcome you to our upcoming LCAP Engagement sessions; these sessions have been designed to support a topic related to the milestone in our district's LCAP development.

    In addition to these LCAP Engagement sessions, our LCAP Team will also attend and provide updates and summaries of recent activities at our Parent Advisory Committee meetings, Student Advisory Committee meeting, Board Study Sessions, and beyond.

    Your voice does matter to us! At Stockton Unified, we look forward to your continued input resulting in a co-created LCAP that is inclusive and meets the needs of our students, leading to improved academic outcomes and the best educational experience for our students.

    Thank you,

    SUSD LCAP Team


    LCAP Acronym Guide Sheet

LCAP May Spotlight

2023-2024 LCAP Survey

  • Educational Partners

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    LCAP Team

    Email: lcap@stocktonusd.net


    Administrative Oversight

    Dr. Susana Ramirez

    Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services


    LCAP Development and Support

    Tiffany Ashworth, M.Ed

    Director of LCAP and State & Federal


    Metrics and Data Dashboard

    Dr. Jason Murphy

    Director of Research and Accountability


    Fiscal Oversight

    Joann Juarez

    Interim Chief Business Official


    Educational Partner Engagement

    Rosie Fernandez

    Family Engagement Specialist

  • Data Dashboards

    The district's Research and Accountability Department has developed and is hosting the LCAP data resources to inform educational partners on the accomplishments, barriers, and general information that will lead to data-informed conversations and decisions.


    2023-2024 LCAP Review and Feedback Survey

    Click on the image below to view the real-time results of the 2023-2024 LCAP Review and Feedback Survey.

    2023-2024 LCAP Survey Results


    Check out the Research and Accountability Department's webpage for interactive access: https://www.stocktonusd.net/Page/17220

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