Career & Technical Education

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    Stockton Unified School District's (SUSD) Career & Technical Education (CTE) program prepares students to be College and Career Ready through three main activities: Career Awareness, Career Exploration and Career Preparation. Once known as "Shop Class," Career and Technical Education (CTE) was once called Vocational Education and School to Career. Today's CTE is very demanding due to changes in the modern industry and a global economy. Simple hands-on skills are no longer enough to get a living-wage job. Today's workforce must have strong academic skills coupled with in-demand technical skills that go beyond just a high school diploma. This training includes continued learning at trade schools, apprenticeship programs, community colleges, and universities.

    • Career Awareness begins in preschool through the primary grades (Preschool-5) and beyond. This is simply recognizing that there are jobs all around in our community and what those people do.

    • Career Exploration begins in the Intermediate Grades (6-9) and continues for many years. This is where young people learn about their interests and abilities and explore careers related to the things they like to do. They develop an educational plan that will take them through a career pathway from school to the workplace.

    • Career Preparation overlaps Career Exploration and begins in the 9th grade when students begin to select their courses in high school. The academic and "elective" courses they choose start to shape their college and career preparation. All schools offer the courses to graduate high school and most schools offer at least one formal career pathway.  Follow the links here to find see what our schools offer. English | Spanish

Success in the New Economy

  • Must watch videos for parents, students and all educators about the new economy and what the traditional university degree no longer does for graduates. Technical skills coupled with strong well rounded academic knowledge is the key to success in today's and the future's economy.

    Click here: Success in the New Economy by Kevin Flemming at Citrus College.

    Click here: 4 Skills and 4 Steps to a Successful Career by Kevin Flemming at Citrus College.

    Industries of the Future! Watch this quick video clip from MSNBC with author Alec Ross to see where the future jobs will be and how to get there. Click here for Industries of the Future