California's Industry Sectors

  • An Industry Sector is a collection of Career Pathway groups around a common segment of the workforce. An example is the Energy, Environment, and Utilities Industry Sector made up of Career Pathways: Environmental Resources, Energy and Power Technology, and Telecommunications.  SUSD offers programs and complete career pathways in many of the State's recognized Industry Sectors.

Industry Sectors

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources

    The Agriculture and Natural Resources Sector provides a foundation for agriculture students in California. This sector emphasizes real-world, occupationally-relevant experiences. Classroom and laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural experience, projects, leadership, and interpersonal skill development activities prepare students for advanced training, higher education, and entry to a career.

    Stagg High School is beginning an Ag Science and Horticultural Program including a Future Farmers of America Chapter beginning in the Fall of 2017.

    Arts, Media, and Entertainment

    The Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector offer a broad range of employment opportunities. The variety of careers in this sector can accommodate different personalities ranging from eccentric actresses and professional gamers to multi-tasking managers.

    Chavez High School has a Communication Technology program including Broadcast Journalism.

    Edison High School has a Video Production program.

    Merlo Institute of Environmental Technology has a design, visual and media arts pathway that provides students with an in-depth understanding of digital design tools, processes, and systems common to careers in graphic arts and digital production.

    Stagg High School has an award-winning newspaper called the Staggline that has moved to online media format too.

    Building Trades and Construction

    The four pathways of the Building Trades and Construction provide opportunities with a variety of construction skills, directly associated with completing building projects.

    Jane Frederick Continuation High School has a Masonry program and works with the Masonry Industry Training Association.

    Franklin High School has a new Construction Trades program that opened in the Fall of 2017.

    Education, Child Development, and Family Services

    With a large number of employees predicted to retire from education, child development, and family services in the next decade, a wealth of career opportunities will be available.

    Franklin High School has a California Partnership Academy called Teaching and Learning Academy.

    Energy and Utilities

    Utilizing renewable energy and sustainable resources will impact our future for generations to come. Hydroelectric, geothermal, and nuclear power are part of the current resources, but what new energy technology might the future hold? Doing more with less will likely be a focus of future research and development.

    Merlo Institue of Environmental Technology provides a foundation of knowledge and skills in careers related to energy, environment, and utilities. The pathway emphasizes real-world, occupationally relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences of significant scope and depth in Environmental Resources, energy, tower technology, and telecommunications.

    Engineering and Design

    The Engineering and Design Industry Sector are ideal for students who have a strong understanding of mathematics and a creative drive to design new ideas.

    Chavez High School is home to their Engineering and Environmental program.

    Edison High School has developed a STEM Magnet program covering many engineering fields.

    Merlo Institue of Environmental Technology provides a foundation in the engineering sector pathways and occupations. This includes learning opportunities for students interested in preparing for careers in the design, production, or maintenance of mechanical, electrical, electronics, and computer and electromechanical systems and products.

    Fashion and Interior Design

    The Fashion and Interior Design Industry Sector is a multibillion-dollar enterprise offering a wide variety of careers.

    Finance and Business

    The pathways in the Finance and Business Sector are key to successful business operations and offer a multitude of career opportunities.

    Stagg High School has a program in Business Management and partners with local business for student internships.

    Health Science and Medical Technology

    The Health Science and Medical Technology Sector requires academic and technical skills, as well as the related knowledge necessary for the field.

    Chavez High School has developed a Health Science program centered on fitness and nutrition.

    Health Careers Academy has a developing program centered on the biotechnologies of the industry.

    Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology has a long-standing nursing assistant certification program at the Health Academy.

    Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

    The Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Industry Sector encompasses many different yet interrelated careers. If you enjoy working with different people on a day-to-day basis this could be the career industry for you.

    Information and Communication Technology

    Information technology careers involve the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services.

    Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology has a Computer Science Academy (California Partnership Academy) where students learn coding for Video Game Design and Webpage Design in the career pathways.

    Manufacturing and Product Development

    The Manufacturing and Product Development sector provides a foundation for manufacturing processes and systems.

    Franklin High School hosts a Product Innovation and Design program.

    Marketing, Sales, and Service

    The Marketing, Sales, and Service sector provide an opportunity to learn the techniques of transferring products or services to consumers.

    Public Services

    The Public Services Industry Sector provides a foundation for students interested in being involved in their community and serving the public’s interest.

    Chavez High School has a Law and Order program related to law enforcement.

    Pacific Law Academy is developing a Legal Careers program with local law associations.

    Stagg High School is home to the Stockton Public Safety Academy with grades 5-8 in the Fall of 2016.  Each year, another grade will be added until the Academy is full of grades 5-12.


    Transportation plays a crucial role in our society because moving people and goods is central to everything America does. Vehicle components and systems will continue to become increasingly sophisticated which, in turn, will require well-trained operators and maintenance and repair technicians.

    Stagg High school has an automotive services program that includes small engine services.

    Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology has a Systems Diagnostics and Services pathway as part of a California Partnership Academy.