• Follow these steps for a successful enrollment

    1) Discover which schools are nearest you using our School Site Locator

    2) Gather documents needed for enrollment

    • California Education Code section 48002 provides that the parent or guardian of a child shall "present proof to the authorities of the district evidencing that the child is of the minimum age fixed by law for admission thereto." The Education Code states that evidence may be provided in the form of a birth record, birth certificate, baptism certificate, passport, or affidavit of the parent, guardian, or custodian of the minor.
    • Proof of address - Current utility bill with parent or guardian name on it
    • Current shot record - Must have TDAP to enter the 7th grade or higher before starting school
    • Physical - Required for Kindergarten and first grade
    • Dental- Copy of recent dental checkup
    • ID - Photo ID of parent or guardian
    • The current report card, withdraw grades or transcript
    • Individualized education plan (IEP) if your child is receiving special education services
    • Guardianship/Custody papers (if applicable)

    3) Take documents and student to the nearest school for enrollment

    Due to overcrowding, the nearest school may not be the school your student is assigned to. If you have any questions, please contact our Educational Services Division at (209) 933-7040.