California State Standards in SUSD

  • Along with 45 other states, California schools are transitioning to a new set of academic learning standards called the Common Core State Standards. These standards will replace the existing California State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics and will supplement standards in social science, science, and technical subjects.

    Stockton Unified’s leadership and classroom educators have already begun the process of transitioning to the Common Core State Standards. Through the process titled Rigorous Curriculum Design, SUSD Educators are collaborating with grade level teams to develop Units of Study aligned to the Common Core State Standards. These units engage students in hands-on and project-based learning experiences with an emphasis on the process of learning. Units of Study allow content to be taught across subject areas, providing meaningful context to the material being presented.

    For students, the question of, “How will I use this in the future?” will take on new meaning as the Units of Study and the Common Core State Standards are designed with college and career readiness in mind.