Preschool Assessment and Autism Center

  • The Preschool Assessment & Autism Center (PAAC) processes all SUSD Preschool special education referrals in one setting.  Preschool students referred for special education are assessed in areas of suspected disabilities by qualified professionals.  Our qualified Preschool Assessment Team members include School Psychologists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Special Education Teachers, and a School Nurse.  

    The PAAC includes 9 Special Day Classes for preschool-aged children with Autism. All of our students have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and services are provided in accordance with the IEP.   PAAC strives to provide a top-caliber education to students focused on evidence-based practices for children with Autism in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our staff offers services to students in the areas of Specialized Academic Instruction, Functional Communication, Sensory Motor Skills, and Socialization based on Applied Behavior Analysis Principles.  

    The classes at PAAC include a Special Education Preschool Teacher and a team of paraprofessionals providing focused support.  Teachers, staff, students, and parents are supported by an on-site Administrator, Speech and Language Pathologists, an Autism Specialist/Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and Inclusion Specialist, and a Program Specialist.  Student progress is closely monitored through daily data collection and students are placed in classes according to their individual needs.  Parents are always included in the decision-making process for their child’s IEP with the clear understanding that General Education is the goal for all PAAC students.  

    Parent Education is a very important factor for the benefit of students with Autism.  To that end, PAAC provides monthly Parent Coffee’s focused on a wide variety of topics such as Functional Communication, Positive Behavior Strategies, Inclusion, Self Help Skills, and Summer Enrichment.  Additional topics for Parent Education include Autism 101 and Functional Communication with a focus on the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). 

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    Preschool Assessment and Autism Center 
    2455 Country Club Boulevard
    Stockton, CA  95204
    (209) 933-7345



    Jose M. Avila, Ed.D.               
    Administrator Special Education
    (209) 933-7345 Ext. 2770

    Kia Vang
    Front Office:  Student Data Technician
    (209) 933-7345  Ext. 2750

    Deborah Celle-Mechura
    General Education Teacher
    (209) 933-7345  Ext. 2751

    Erica Hampton 
    Preschool Program Specialist
    (209) 933-7345  Ext. 2771 

    Melissa Lipman 
    School Psychologist, Spanish/Bilingual Preschool Assessment Team 
    (209) 933-7345  Ext. 2755

    Patricia Bloomquist
    School Psychologist, Preschool Assessment Team 
    (209) 933-7345  Ext. 2776