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    Jose Avila



    Welcome to the Preschool Assessment & Autism Center (PAAC), home of the Wolf PAAC. We strive to provide a high-quality program for preschool students with Autism in a program emphasizing evidence-based Practices based on the principles of  Applied Behavior Analysis.  Our assessment center and school staff strive to provide a high level, standards-based education ensuring all students achieve their full academic potential and become responsible, respectful citizens and leaders in a global society.

    The PAAC has a clear mission, focused on our students’ mastery of the Preschool Standards and to successfully transition our students to General Education.  Our staff is committed to implementing the core instructional programs with fidelity and utilizing effective research-based strategies to improve student achievement. 

    At the PAAC we encourage all parents to become active partners in their child’s education. Through a combined effort, we can prepare students to become lifelong learners and productive members of our community. We believe in our PAAC scholar's ability to succeed when provided with the proper support.  Should you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher.  Working together all of our students succeed! 

    Thank you for entrusting your child to PAAC,

    Dr. Jose M. Avila
    Administrator Special Education


    Meet our Teachers

    Our preschool program is a comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis program based on evidence-based Practices. Our program is supported by Paraprofessionals, Speech Therapists, an Occupational Therapist, a BCBA, and Inclusion Specialist. We offer a continuum of services. All of our classrooms utilize Frog Street, Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) curriculum and supplement Autism Specific Curriculum.  


    Highly Structured

    This is a Special Day class with an intensive student-to-staff ratio in a highly physically structured environment. There will be a high rate of reinforcement to establish instructional control. This classroom is 5.5 hours/per day. 

    • PAAC Room 1: Jessica Baldwin
    • PAAC Room 2: Tina Saeteurn
    • PAAC Room 4: Rosalinda Mendoza  
    • PAAC Room 7: Joanna Gama 
    • PAAC Room 8: Brenda Onofre 
    • PAAC Room 9: Desmond Finck 
    • PAAC Room 10: Krystle Sullivan



    This is a Special Day class that fades the intensity of support from staff in small groups, in a physically structured environment. This classroom is 5.5 hours/per day. 

    • PAAC Room 3: Teresa Flores, Lead Teacher
    • Marshall Room 10: Kelly Skultety 



    This class is embedded in a State Preschool classroom on a General Education Campus. Students will learn through small and whole group instruction in a typical preschool environment with Special Education support. This classroom is 3.5 hours/per day. 

    • Rae Anderson: Madison & Merlo
    • Corina Rodgers: August & Montezuma