• If your child is between the ages of three and five years old, and you suspect he/she may have a disability, your first step will be to contact us at (209) 933-7345 to initiate the referral process for consultation/evaluation.   

    There are 5 steps of the referral process:

    1. Call our office to initiate the referral process regarding your concerns. SUSD staff will then complete the referral form for your child. gathering.
    2. A phone consultation or an in-person consultation/assessment date will be scheduled with the Preschool Assessment Team. 
    3. Parents/Guardians must bring in or arrange to send all required documentation such as proof of residency to show you reside within SUSD, a copy of Birth Certificate, parent identification or driver’s license, and any educational/psychological reports you may have.
    4. Evaluation of the child-The student’s parent MUST CONSENT to special education evaluations before they can take place by signing an Assessment Plan
    5. IEP meeting to determine if your child is eligible for services


    The Timeline

    From Referral to Consent - The school has 15 calendar days from the date they receive a referral (or a request for a referral) to reach out to the parent to schedule a social history. Consent should be obtained within 30 calendar days. When we receive a request for a referral during summer, we will send you a letter indicating that the request was received, but the team will follow up once school is back in session.

    From Consent to Evaluations - Our school district has 60 calendar days from the date they receive the parent’s consent to evaluate to complete a student’s special education evaluations. 

    From Consent to Placement - The school district has 60 school days from the date they receive the parent’s consent to evaluate to complete the evaluations, hold an IEP meeting, and offer the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) to meet your child’s needs.