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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

    Governor Gavin Newsom called for additional measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 and prioritize resources to support our most vulnerable populations. These include the self-isolation of anyone aged 65 and over, and people with chronic health conditions.

    Please see the March 15, 2020 Staff Memo >

    Read more on our COVID-19 page >

    Retro Pay:

    • Retro pay for STA and SPPA was paid on November 29th, 2022.
    • Pay date is still to be determined for the Retro pay for CSEA 318, CSEA 821, CSEA 885, USA, Confidential and Unrep.

    PEPRA PERS Rate:

    • Pepra Pers rate for employees is increasing to 8% effective 7/1/22.

    Payroll Reminder

    • Unfortunately, Payroll will not be able to accept any time sheet that is not original. All time sheets must be submitted to the Payroll Department. We will no longer accept emails or copies. 
    • Verify your address information on Employee Online. If you have a change of address, you can update your address on Employee Online or you can submit a "change of address card" to the Human Resources Department.
    • If you have an update/changes to your tax information, you can fill out the tax forms and submit the forms to the Payroll Department.

















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