Payroll FAQ's

  • 1. When is payday?

    Payday is always the last working day of the month.

    2. How do I change my tax filing status?

    Print & complete the tax forms and turn them in directly to the payroll department no later than the 12th of each month. We do not accept any emails or copies.

    W-4 (Federal):

    DE-4 (State):

    3. How do I sign up/change/cancel my direct deposit?

    Print & complete the direct deposit form with an attached voided check or deposit slip from your bank and turn it in directly to the payroll department no later than the 12th of each month. We do not accept any emails or copies. Please note direct deposit takes effect after a successful pre-notification transaction has occurred through the banking system.

    4. Where can I see my paystubs?

    You can review your paystubs on employee online. Click on the following link for instructions:

    5. What deductions are mandatory?

    There are two types of ‘mandatory’ deductions or voluntary deductions. 

    Mandatory deductions include taxes, garnishments, or tax levies, and retirement. These deductions are IRS regulated or court ordered (i.e. child support) and withheld accordingly. Employee authorization for these deductions is generally not required.

    Voluntary deductions include benefits, dental insurance, insurance premiums, healthcare savings account (HSA) contributions, and 403b contributions.

    6. What do I do if I think my pay check is incorrect?

    Please review your check stub before contacting the payroll department. If you still have questions, you can submit a help ticket or contact the payroll help desk 209)933-7000 ext 1. Please do not submit a help ticket and call the hotline. Multiple requests can delay the process.

    7. What is my current payrate?

    Please refer to your Notice of Assignment (NOA) provided by Human Resources.

    8. How do I enroll/disenroll into deferred pay?

    Deferred pay is only available for 11 month or less employees. Once an employee has chosen a selection, it is irrevocable until the commencement of the next fiscal year. Changes can only be made during July 1st through August 12th of each fiscal year unless you are a late hire.

    9. I would like to set up a DOCK payment arrangement?

    Please bring a copy of your DOCK letter to the payroll department and speak with one of our analysts to make a reasonable payment arrangement. We do not make arrangements over the phone. Arrangements must be made by the date on the DOCK letter.

    10. Why did I not receive my medical rebate?

    Changes to benefits can only be made during open enrollment or if you have a qualifying family status change. Please contact Benefits 209)933-7026

    11. I no longer work for the district. How can I get paid out for my vacation time?

    Please contact Human Resource to make sure your request has been submitted.

    12. I would like to get paid out for my sick time?

    Sick time is not paid out.

    13. How do I update my credentials? 

    If you have any credential related questions, please contact Human Resources.