• Mail Delivery Memo

    • All paperwork is due in the Payroll office no later than the 12th of each month. This includes Time Sheets, TSA’s, etc. Time Sheets should reflect time worked from the 11th of the previous month through the 10th of the current month.  If the 12th falls on a weekend, time will be extended only to the next working day. Please refer to the instructions on the back of the Time Sheets, specifically instruction #4.  It is the employee’s responsibility to assure timely submission. Note: Late time sheets/TSA’s will not be processed at the end of the current month.

    • To report a payroll problem, employees must call the payroll Helpdesk at (209) 933-7001 Ext 1 or dial 2000 from a district phone. Requests to pick up paychecks must be made in writing at least 5 working days prior to payday. Effective Immediately, The Payroll Help Desk will respond only to calls reporting incorrect pay; inaccurate deductions; and incorrect STRS/PERS credits or contributions. Note: Messages must contain the specific information necessary to research the problem being reported.