Welcome to Transportation Department


    Transportation Mission

    In assisting the District's Mission Statement and Goals our employees are driven to do their part in providing our students with the highest degree of safety while riding our school buses.

    Fulfilling this mission includes:

    • Offering the safest mode of pupil transportation
    • Hiring and retaining the best employees
    • Providing our employees with the best training, and implementing the best business practices
    • Maintaining a well-serviced fleet

    The Transportation Department is committed to open communication, transparency, and accountability and we welcome the support of our community!


  • Eli May

    Tanya Copeland

    (209) 933-7145 ext 2668

    Wendy James

    (209) 933-7145 ext 2668

    Rosalind Harrison

    (209) 933-7145 ext 2668

    Dispatch Specialist
    (209) 933-7145 ext. 2668

    Lupe Harwell
    Field Trip/Dispatch Specialist
    (209) 933-7145 ext 2668

    Larisa Baldwin
    Dispatch Specialist
    (209) 933-7145 ext 2668

    J. Lynn Greene
    Transportation Route Planner
    (209) 933-7145 ext 2668

    2963 Sanguinetti Lane
    Stockton, CA 95205
    (209) 933-7145 ext 2668
    Fax 209-943-2553