For Parents and Students


    Bus Pass Application

    Click here for the English application | Click here for Spanish

    Please return all completed applications to:


    Waiver Forms

    Please read and completely fill out the highlighted areas in the forms below. Also, please attach a copy of ID or Driver License.

    Please return waiver forms to:

    Student Waiver c/o  SUSD Transportation
    2963 Sanguinetti Ln
    Stockton Ca 95205
    (209) 933-7145 ext 2668


    Questions about School Bus Transportation?

    For General Information Call: (209) 933-7145 ext 2668

    If you need to arrange special needs transportation, call: (209) 933-7120 ext 2500


    Just For Kids

    "Operation School Bus Safety Be cool, follow the rules"


    Motorists Must Stop for the Yellow School Bus

    When you see ((FLASHING RED LIGHTS))

    • Motorists must stop on both sides of the roadway on two-lane roadways and multiple lane roadways.
    • Motorists are not required to stop on divided or double yellow lines.
    • However, motorists should always proceed with caution when approaching a school bus that is flashing red or yellow lights.