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    Good evening Madison Families,
    Trimester III begins tomorrow, and we are excited about shifting gears to make these final 63 days of school count. This is our Rotary Read Week, and this year we will have an opportunity to listen to recorded versions of various story genres. We will begin preparing grades 3rd-8th for the SBAC assessments which measure common core mastery. We are also completing our ELPAC assessments for 146 English learners/Els, and we are inviting these students back to campus for these assessments. Perfect attendance, turning on those cameras, and participating are more important than ever! We will be celebrating attendance daily, weekly, and monthly for the next three months. Also, we will focus on writing and will need all Madison students to acclimate, get comfortable writing in our remote platform, and turn in their writing samples as well. We are asking all parents for grades 3rd-8th to use Stockton Unified School District Chromebooks for SBAC assessments. So please pick up a Chromebook and hotspot if you need one. We will be facilitating an interim assessment on March 8th as a trial run-through for systems readiness. The i-Ready pathway completion is more important than ever. Please take some time to encourage your children to complete 2 lessons in ELA and math each day.
    Finally, our annual MLK Oratorical Contest is this Friday. It is not too late to submit blackout poems and record yourself reciting them to Flipgrid to enter the contest.
    We want to end by encouraging all students with the following message:
    You are loved.
    You are welcome here.
    You belong here.
    You are beautiful.
    You are worthy.
    You have a voice and we need to hear it.
    You are valued.
    You are heard.
    You are seen.
    You are safe.
    You are appreciated for your differences.
    This is a safe place for help.
    Here are the pertinent dates for February:


    February 22nd - Week of Rotary Readers

    February 23rd - SSC Meeting has been moved to this Tuesday, February 23rd

    February 26 - MLK Oratorical Assembly and Contest - 3rd- 5th 12:30 pm, 6th-8th 1:00 pm.

    March 3rd - Report Cards will be distributed

    March 4th - Final round of parent conferences for 2021 - Admin presentations from 4:00-5:00 PM, and from teachers 5:00-7:00 PM


    Thank you for your partnership and support.

    Felicia Bailey-Carr
    Principal, Madison
    2939 Mission Road
    Stockton, CA 95204
    (209) 933-7240  ext. 6671 or 5502
    "On your worst day on the job, you are still some child's best hope!" - Larry Bell


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