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    Good evening Madison Families,
    I hope you had a beautiful Sunday. We completed the ELA part of the SBAC last week and will be taking the Math this week. Testing for Math will begin Tuesday - Thursday. Please remember to arrive on time, get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast for stamina and concentration. We recommend you do a light review of the principles of each key concept.  Resources will be posted on the website tomorrow. The web address is We want our Mustangs to be confident mathematical thinkers. We want them to know their math and love math. Some key concepts for review will be the following:
    • 8th-grade - Laws of exponents/radicals/square roots, linear/system of equations, rate, functions, transformations, Pythagorean Theorem, area/volume of cylinders/cones

    • 7th-Grade - Pos/neg integers, equivalent equations - binomials, random sampling, proportional relationships, area, percentages, fractions, decimals, inequalities, circumference

    • 6th-Grade - Graphing coordinates, functions, fraction convergence in recipes and different contexts, expression equivalents, histograms, volume, absolute value

    • 5th-Grade - Plot points, multiplying and dividing by 2&3 digits, understanding fractions are a form of division, fractions in context, division in context, polygons, line plots

    • 4th-Grade -Operation words for multiplication - times/product, total, fractions in context, conceptually, multiplication conceptual - various models, multiplying whole numbers and fractions, right angles, symmetry

    • 3rd-Grade - Converting math terms to operations, arrays, commutative property, adding groups, time, perimeter, unknown in equations, area, logical reasoning

    After testing, we celebrate, Mustangs, because you have worked hard, we have plans for you to play hard. 8th-Grade has 4 major special events after testing - 8th-Grade Prom - on May 6th, Six Flag Marine World - on May 21st, and Pool Party at Stagg May 25th and Promotion ceremony May 26th - Parents we pay for transportation but we will need all 8th-graders to contribute $60.00 towards other expenses. Summer school will not be offered at Madison due to construction, but we do have a special summer school program offered to 6th-graders online from June 13th-June 30th. Just as soon as applications are available at surrounding schools, we will inform you. Finally, we need you to log onto the website and update the Google New Terms of Use permission slip forms or your students will lose access to all Google apps.

    Here are the pertinent dates for this week:

    • April 19-20 SBAC Math CAT

    • April 21- SBAC Math Perf Task

    • April 21 - SSC Meeting 2:15 PM In-Person

    • April 22 - Spring Pictures

    • May 2 - 6 - Staff Appreciation Week

    • May 5- Cinco De Mayo celebration

    • May 6 - Honor Roll/Student of the Month/Student of the Year and Hazleton Award announcement

    • May 6 - Nacho Average Student lunchtime event

    • May 6 - 8th-Grade Prom

    • May 12 - Ned Show Assembly at 12:30 pm

    • May 13 - Parent Coffee and ELAC 9/10

    • May 13 - Carnival

    • May 19 - Spring Concert

    • May 19 - SSC Meeting

    • May 20 - Bubble Mania

    • May 21 - Six Flags Marine World

    • May 25 - Pool Party at Stagg

    • May 26 - Final Day of School

    Felicia Bailey-Carr
    Principal, Madison
    2939 Mission Road
    Stockton, CA 95204
    (209) 933-7240  ext. 6671 or 5502
    "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." ~Howard Thurman


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