Native American Indian Center

  • The Native American Indian Center provides a variety of services to our students throughout Stockton Unified schools. If you or your family are interested in our services, please contact us to speak about filling out a 506 form for your students.

    (Please fill out the 506 form and return it to the SUSD Native American Indian Center or return it to your child's school front office and it will be forwarded to the Indian program. We thank you.)

    Here are some of the objectives of Title VII / JOM

    • Creates lists of school program participants
    • Collects Federal Form 506 which requires a home visit and school site visits
    • Parent contact and home visits regarding attendance, behavior, and/or academics
    • Provides resources for tutoring, health, education, recreation, and outreach information
    • Encourages parent involvement
    • Presentations in classrooms
    • Provides support to SARB, IEP, and SST when needed
    • Serve as a liaison between families, school, and NAIC program
    • Work with Specialists in Teacher Workshops, Parent Workshops, and Culture Classes
    • One day a week set aside for 506/family data gathering
    • Works on district and evaluation gathering for printing, when needed
    • Gathers data for Johnson O’Malley Program
    • Assists with social issues that affect academics or attendance
    • Maintains Native Center/Department environment
    • Yearly preplanning
    • The path to College Workshops/Special Recognition, Certificates, Spirit Graduation sash, Scholarships, Feathers, etc...
    • Maintains Native American curriculum for district staff
    • Teaches professional development and cultural classes to students/parents
Native American Indian Center