Native American Indian Center

  • Our Native American Indian Center provides supports and services to all of our Native American families in Stockton Unified School District.  Our Center has been here for over 40 years.  We are located on Edison High School's Campus.  We pride ourselves in ensuring all students and families feel welcomed and can embrace their Native Culture.  

     Program Goal #1 - Increase Cultural Identity and  Cultural Awareness 

    (Grades - Prek thru 12th-All Students)

    • Culture, Language, Customs, Values, History 
    • Cultural Enrichment - Culture Zoom Classes, News Letter 
    • Family Literacy- Lending library, pamphlets, preschool-reading at home 
    • Parent Involvement -Classes, gatherings, events, susd parent engagement resources

     Program Goal #2 - Increase College and Career Readiness

     (Grades- 7th thru 12th)

    • Career Prep- Zoom  Workshops, resources, internships
    • Dropout Prevention- Extra Curricular activities, mentoring, counseling
    • College Prep - Zoom College Workshops , Resources, FAFSA, Scholarships, Native Colleges
    • Parent Involvement - susd parent engagement resources 

    Other Program Services :

    • Assist with providing resources for student educational needs 
    • Assist with finding lineage and tribal information
    • Assist Teachers with lesson planning from a Native American perspective

    Our Main Events for Family and Community Gathering:

    • Winter Gathering - Family fun activites, music, food, and gifts 
    • Spring Gathering -  Family fun activities, music, and food 
    • Senior Graduation Ceremony - Ceremonial Feather and Certificate 


Native American Indian Center

Native Enrollment Form 506

  • Have you completed your 506 Form?

    Every Native Student needs to fill one out in order to enroll in our program. 

    We are a funded by the Title VI Grant that requires each student to have a form on file. You only need to fill it out once. 

    It stays on file until 12th grade.  Please down load the form here. 

    Blank 506 Form

    It takes 3 easy steps: 

    Step 1- Fill out your personal information

    Step 2 - Fill out your Tribal information - Tribal name and Roll number

    Step 3 - Parent Signtaure - You may electronically sign and email it us.