1 Million Project Hotspot & Home Laptops

  • Based on a beginning-of-year survey in Fall 2019 of all SUSD high school students, 25% of students either lack internet access or can only access the internet from a cell phone; and 40% of students do not have access to a computer at home, with another 20% sharing a computer with family/others.

    Starting in Fall 2019, Through a partnership with Sprint's 1 Million Project, and our Chromebook refresh supported through LCAP, SUSD has been able to donate over 3,150 laptops, and nearly 1,700 hotspots to our students. These devices are provided for FREE to the students to ensure more equitable access to the internet (via a free hotspot) and/or a laptop at home to be able to complete assignments, research colleges and careers, complete financial, aid, engage with Khan Academy's free online test prep tools, and to be able to access our online curriculum resources. Students were selected to receive a device based on their completion of a survey which determined their eligibility and needs for either internet or a laptop device outside of school

    For more information, please see the handout here.


    Best Practice Recommendations

    • Save the box for your hotspot – the setup directions are included inside.
    • Do not use the hotspot or laptop device while at school or in locations where free internet or school laptops are available. You want to conserve your data and protect your device when possible. 
    • Keep your hotspot and/or laptop at home or in a backpack, and turn it off while not in use.
    • Label your Hotspot or Laptop with a sticker with your name and contact info, so if you lose it, you can get it back.
    • Limit connecting other devices at home to your hotspot. More devices = less data for school work.