Constituent Services

    What is Constituent Services?
    • Constituent Services is the updated title for what used to be “Compliance Services.”
    • What does Constituent mean? Constituent means being a part of a whole.
    • Constituent Services (C.S.) exists for just that reason-to provide assistance to our constituents-our parents, students, community, staff-anyone with a direct tie to SUSD. 
    • Constituent Services seeks to ensure fairness and promote respect for all SUSD constituents. 
    • Our goal is to provide support by providing a place to be heard, to express concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflicts and learn more productive ways of communicating.
    • Requests for assistance do not always come in the form of a complaint but we are here to help navigate our sometimes complicated District processes-the “who should I talk to” questions.


  • Consideration of Complaint Request

    Stockton Unified School District encourages constituents to discuss concerns regarding policies, procedures, or the action/inaction of district employees with the Department/Supervisor/Principal most directly involved in the matter. We ask for all respondents to be given the opportunity to resolve concerns before seeking out the assistance of Constituent Services. 

    Types of Complaints can be found here.  

    Consideration for Complaint FormSpanish

    or fill out online

    What happens after a complaint is filed?

    The Board encourages the early, informal resolution of complaints at the site or department level whenever possible. The first step in resolving a complaint is to speak with the staff involved and/or the administrator of the school site or department. If there are issues that cannot be resolved or if the issue is very serious, a more formal process may be followed.

    Once received, Constituent Services will determine the level to assign for resolution.

    Level 1 –Site Administration/Supervisor

    Level 2 – Department Director 

    Level 3 – Department Assistant Superintendent 

    Level 4- Constituent Services or Human Resources Complaint

    The complaints will be forwarded to the supervisor or site administrator to resolve the complaint. If the supervisor or site administrator finds that the allegations in the complaint have merit, he or she may address the complaint by taking appropriate corrective actions within the authority of his or her position. The findings in the investigations shall be explained to the complainant and respondent.

    If the Director of Constituent Services determines that the allegations in the complaint lie within the scope of the complaint process, Constituent Services will investigate, notify the complainant and respondent of the findings.

    The Board prohibits retaliation against complainants. The Superintendent or designee at his/her discretion may keep a complainant's identity confidential, except to the extent necessary to investigate the complaint. The District will not investigate anonymous complaints unless it so desires. Complainants are protected from retaliation (BP 1312.1) and will be contacted for further information regarding the complaint.      


  • Joanne Castillo
    Director of Constituent Services,
    (209) 933-7037 Ext. 2195

    Youlin Aissa
    Director Curriculum & Professional Development
    Title II Coordinator

    (209) 933-7030

    Dr. Dwight Rogers
    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Family Engagement
    (209) 933-7022 ext. 1387

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