Uniform Complaint Procedure BP/AR 1312.3    

    What is a UCP Complaint?

    A complaint regarding the violation of specific federal and state programs that use categorical funds such as 

    Accommodations for Pregnant or Parenting Pupils (EC 46015)

    Adult Education (EC 8500-8538, 52334.7, 52500-52616.4)

    After School Education and Safety (EC 8482-8484.65)

    Agricultural Career Technical Education (EC 52300-52462) (Federal EC 51226-51226.1)

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, Title II) 

    Career Technical and Technical Education, Career Technical, Technical Training (state) (EC sections 52300-52462)

    Career Technical Education (federal) (EC sections 51226-51226.1)

    Child Care and Development (EC 8200-8493) 

    Compensatory Education (EC 54400)

    Course Periods without Educational Content (EC 51228.1-51228.3) 

    Education of Pupils in Foster Care, Pupils who are Homeless, Former Juvenile Court Pupils Now Enrolled in SUSD, Children of Military Families (EC 48645.7, 48853,48853.5, 49069.5,51225.1,51225.2)

    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) (20USC, section 630 let seq., EC 52059) 

    Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP) (EC 52075, GC17581.6(f)) 

    Migrant Education (EC 54440-54445)

    PE Instructional Minutes (EC 5120,51223)

    Pupil Fees (EC 49010-49011)

    Reasonable Accommodations for a Lactating Student (EC 222) 

    Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROP) (EC 52300-52334.7) 

    School Plans for Student Achievement (EC 64001) 

    School Safety Plans (EC 3228,32289) 

    School Site Councils (EC 65000)

    State Preschools (EC 8235-8239.1)

    the above constitute a UCP complaint.

    For UCP complaints, here is a hard copy of the form to print:
    Consideration for Complaint  FormSpanish



    Williams Act Violations BP/AR 1312.4    

    Education Code 35186 creates a procedure for the filing of complaints concerning deficiencies related to instructional materials, conditions of facilities that are not maintained in a clean or safe manner or in good repair, or teacher vacancy or misassignment. The complaint and response are public documents as provided by law. Complaints may be filed anonymously. However, if you wish to receive a response to your complaint, you must provide contact information.