The Board desires that complaints concerning allegations of employee misconduct be resolved expeditiously, impartially, and with minimal disruption to District operations and the educational process.  

    Any complaint accusing a District employee of misconduct shall be addressed in accordance with this Board Policy (“BP”) and the corresponding Administrative Regulation (“AR”) except for:  

    1.  Complaints that are otherwise subject to the Uniform Complaint Procedure as set forth in BP/AR 1312.3; listed above

    2. Complaints alleging child abuse or neglect, which must be reported to the appropriate local agencies in accordance with law and BP/AR 5141.4 - Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting;  

    3. Complaints involving a District Police Officer, including complaints alleging use of excessive force, which shall be addressed in accordance with District Public Safety Department Policy 1020, which is an attachment to this Board Policy;  

    4. Complaints alleging a violation of a collective bargaining agreement, which are to be addressed pursuant to the applicable grievance procedure.    

    As used in this Policy, “misconduct” refers to any conduct that constitutes a violation of a District BP/AR, school or department rule or policy, or a state or federal law and which may be grounds for employee discipline.  


    SUSD Police Department

    The Stockton Unified School District Police Department strives daily to provide high-quality service to District staff, students and parents.  Should you have a complaint against a District police officer it will be fully investigated in a timely manner.  Please click on the link below to file a complaint.