• Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1340

    Access to District Records

    The Board of Trustees recognizes the right to have access to public records of the District. The 
    Board intends the District to provide any person reasonable access to the public records of the 
    schools and the District during normal business hours and within the requirements of law.
    Public access shall not be given to records that are exempt from public disclosure under the 
    California Public Records Act (“CPRA”) or other state or federal law.
    Requests for District records under the CPRA must be submitted to the Office of Constituent 

    In response to a CPRA request, the Director of Constituent Services or designee shall make 
    reasonable efforts to locate the requested records, including, but not limited to, any electronic 
    communication substantively related to the records, such as email, text messages, instant messages, 
    and other electronic communications. Please email constiutentservices@stocktonusd.net with requests. 


  • Sharon Womble
    Interim Director of Constituent Services,
    Title IX Coordinator
    (209) 933-7000 Ext. 2195

    Constituent Services Badge