Employee Assistance Program

  • An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems.

    24/7 - Confidential - No Cost to You


    What's included in your EAP and work-life services?

    You EAP and work-life services are available to you at no extra cost as part of your benefits. This includes 24/7 access to EAP over the phone (866) 248-4096, and online. You can call to speak with masters-level employee assistance specialists who can provide consultation, risk screening, advocacy, referrals, and educational materials. Or you can use our web services, which are available in English and Spanish. Search self-help information, resource database directories, video programs, personal empowerment programs, and thousands of articles online at www.liveandworkwell.com.

  • EAP Services

    Face-to-face counseling: 8 visits available per event per year. A network of clinicians - part of our larger network of 150,000 clinicians - provides goal-oriented counseling.

    Financial Coaching from Experts: Up to 60 minutes of free consultation (provided in 30-minute increments) with a credentialed financial coach for each financial issue. Access to extensive legal and financial tools and a library to take control of your finances.

    ID Theft Protection: 60 minutes of free consultation with a Fraud Resolution Specialist who will conduct a seven step emergency response. Optum's ID Theft protection connects you to a specialist right away who can help you dispute fraudulent charges, restore your identity and take steps to avoid future loses.

    Legal Counseling and Mediation Services: Free 30-minute telephonic or in-person consultation with a state-specific attorney or qualified mediator, per separate legal issue, via a national network of more than 22,000 attorneys and 630 professional mediators. Ongoing services are provided at 25 percent below the firm's current rates after the initial consultation.

    Online EAP Clinician Visit Certification: You can request and receive EAP clinician visit certification immediately through the website for routine, outpatient care.

    Sanvello: The Sanvello app offers clinical techniques to help dial down the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression - anytime. Visit LiveandWorkWell.com and select the Sanvello tile under Popular tools to download the Sanvello app.

    Talkspace: Support when you need it - no appointments necessary. With Talkspace, you can reach out to a licensed, in-network Employee Assistance Program Provider, 24/7. To get started, call your Employee Assistance Program to obtain an authorization code.

    Virtual Visits: HIPAA-compliant technology delivers video EAP services in the privacy and comfort of your home or wherever you choose, providing convenience and accessibility. EAP-licensed telemental health providers are available in every state.



    Work-life Services

    • Adult and elder Care support
    • Grief/loss
    • Retirement planning
    • Adult daycare programs
    • Financial and legal issues
    • In-home/nursing care options


    Child and Family Support

    • Childcare options
    • Adoption resources
    • Day/Summer camps
    • Emergency/Sick-child care
    • Parent/Family support groups


    Chronic Illness and Condition Support

    • Respite services
    • Care-giving services
    • Assistive technology
    • Affordable housing resources
    • Meal and transportation resources


    Convenience Services

    • Pet services
    • Traveling needs (business and leisure)
    • Car and home repair and maintenance
    • Shopping, dining, and recreation recommendations


    Educational Resources

    • Homeschooling
    • Career consulting
    • Adult education classes
    • Individual educational plans
    • School and college recommendations