Go WILD for PLUS: Unity Day

  • In 2016, Over 1000 PLUS leaders, advisors, and leadership students gathered to celebrate their accomplishments at this year's PLUS Unity Day at Micke Grove Park and Zoo. Our graduating seniors were honored with a small ceremony and sashes for their graduation gowns. We also recognized retiring Superintendent Penn for being such a strong supporter of youth development in our district. John Vandenburgh, PLUS Program Founder, and Amanda King & DJ Tease, from KWIN Radio, celebrated with us with their motivational energy. Students engaged in leadership activities facilitated by our AWESOME high school leadership students, and they participated in field day activities, sports, and even a trip to the Micke Grove Zoo. The zoo set up special interactive stations for our students to learn about science, zoology, and they even participated in a community service project focused on recycling and animal enrichment activities. It was a WILD and fun day for our students.

PLUS Summit 2016

  • 1100 PLUS Team members attend our annual district-wide PLUS Summit at the University of the Pacific.   John Vandenburgh, founder of the PLUS Program, joined us for a 2nd year to praise our efforts and continue student training on program engagement activities. Our Keynote speaker, NFL player, and local hometown hero, Tyronne Gross, inspired our students to make good choices, never give up, to stand up for what is right. PLUS Leaders then participated in 15 workshops to enhance their peer leadership roles. These workshops were facilitated by high school PLUS leaders, community members, and distinguished SUSD employees. Students and advisors ended the day with a high energy interactive experience with our local radio host, Amanda King.

PLUS Summit 2015

  • ALL PLUS Team members attend our district-wide PLUS Summit at the University of the Pacific.  In 2015, 800 PLUS Leaders participated in 13 workshops to enhance their peer leadership roles. They also have the opportunity to tighten up PLUS program engagement activities and work with the program founder, John Vandenburgh.

PLUS at the Ports Baseball Game 2015

  • 950 PLUS Leaders had an opportunity to participate in a PLUS Youth Summit at the local AAA Baseball Park. Students watched the baseball game, visited community booths, gained tobacco prevention information, and participated in cross-age forums to further develop the PLUS Program's goals for the next school year.