PLUS Program: School Climate Data

  • The PLUS Program collects school climate data throughout the year. We utilize the survey database provided by the PLUS Program called DirectionSurvey. The questions in the database are researched-informed. In 2013, community stakeholders selected questions to be asked each time students are surveyed. This allows us to keep a pulse on school climate changes. We conduct school-wide surveys for 4th-12th grade three times per school year. 

    PLUS data is reviewed by each individual school site with their PLUS teams and with their site PBIS teams. District-wide PLUS data is also reviewed by the district PLUS coordinator with the PLUS advisors, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services, and the district's PBIS team. Our PLUS program development is on-going and is based on our data. We are proud to have decreased problematic school climate behaviors AND increased positive engagement. With continuous program development at school sites and at the district level, we will continue to address important student issues to build a safe school climate where all students feel a sense of belonging. 

    In addition to the climate questions listed on this page, student demographic information is also collected: grade level, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ, living situations, and home language. This information helps us to identify needed school-wide supports that will be beneficial to all student groups.

  • California Healthy Kids Survey

    SUSD utilizes the School Climate Survey results as a measure toward improvment on the Califorina Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) sponsored by the California Department of Education. SUSD Students in grades 6, 7, 9, & 11 take this survey every other year. To view the survey questions and the results from the CHKS survey go to

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