Youth Development Opportunities

  • Friend-to-Friend Student Wellness Conference

    In partnership with TUPE Grant funds, 250 Middle School PLUS leaders and advisors participated in the annual Friend-to-Friend Student Wellness conference in Modesto. Students participated in workshops that focused on mindfulness, yoga, ATOD prevention, gang prevention, artistic expressions, and teenage health needs.

    Friend to friend    friend to friend

    friend to friend    friend to friend

    Friend to friend    friend to friend

  • Yellow Ribbon Peer Helping

    High School PLUS Leaders are trained as Peer Advocates and Peer Educators to deliver class lessons on Suicide Prevention using Yellow Ribbon currculum and promote the Yellow Ribbon Campaign for school-wide awareness on how to get They reach over 2000 high school students annually. In addition, ALL PLUS teams promote caring relationsihps and coping skills during the month of September annually as best practice for prevention.

     Franklin Yellow Ribbon   Community Table   

    Yellow Ribbon Training    Trusted Adult    

    Bush Trusted Adult    PLUS Cares

  • LULAC Youth Leadership Conference

    The annual LULAC Youth Leadership Conference was held in November 2015. SUSD sent 1250 students to this wonderful opportunity at Delta College. PLUS and TUPE funds supported student attendance at this event. Students participated in College, Career and financial awareness workshops to help promote leadership and responsible decision making.

  • NAACP Youth Summit

    Each year SUSD sends students to the NAACP Youth Summit at Delta College. PLUS Leaders attend this conference to gain important leadership skills including information on improving school climate, digital awareness, college, and career planning, as well as to hear important messages of hope and overcoming from community members who have worked hard to succeed. 

    Hazelton at NAACP     Montezuma at NAACP    SUSD Principals at NAACP     

        StocktonPD Speaker at NAACP     Montezuma on bus

  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Bilingual Financial Aid Fair

    Each October, SUSD students and families participate in the Bilingual Financial Aid Fair held at the University of the Pacific sponsored by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Students attend grade level workshops aimed to help students gain important information to be prepared for college and the workforce. PLUS Leaders and advisors attend this event to enhance their leadership skills and promote these skills at their schools. While students attend workshops, parents also attend workshops to learn how to support their children's dreams of college. 

     Youth PLUS Panel   HS Youth Panel     

    7th grade workshop      6th grade workshop- Jennifer Robles