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What is a PLUS Leader?

  • PLUS Leaders help to establish an environment on each campus where a safe and supportive school is a reality for all students. Leaders use a variety of methods, which are designed to break down the walls of segregation between groups on campus, foster positive relations for the entire student body and create activities that have been shown to build connections and meaningful participation for students.

    Stockton Unified has 1300+ PLUS student leaders in 6th-12th grades at 49 school sites. Each school site has PLUS advisor(s) to support the student leaders and help plan student activities.

    We have been focusing on cross-age mentoring, school climate, and building peer-helping relationships at each school site. We have made gains with our school climates and have goals to continue improving student engagement.

PLUS Leader Voice

  • "Tell us what you think about PLUS" - Student Testimonials

    6th grader: "I think the PLUS program is it is a good thing for us to come together and brainstorm ways that can make us, and our school, better. We get to talk to people at our school that have problems and we can help them solve them and get better."

    7th grader: "I think the PLUS program was a very good idea. Its a smart way of letting kids know they are not alone. They don't have to face their problems alone because they will have someone from the leadership program to talk to. I also think the PLUS program is very helpful because it defends kids who get bullied at school or have problems at home. The PLUS program has also helped me in the way that I have gotten over the fear of talking out loud in front of a group of kids. This program helps kids who bully, and kids that get bullied. If I could describe the PLUS program in one word it would be: Helpful."

    8th grader: "The PLUS program is a wonderful organization. I believe that "students helping students" is the way to go if we are going to stop the negativity. The people apart of PLUS are great people to connect and meet with. So, in PLUS, the members are able to unite against negativity and become friends with one another. I can say that I am definitely proud to be a part of this program."

    9th-12th grader: "I have been with the PLUS program for two years now. I can say with each forum that we have there is a difference in the way our campus looks and feels. The plus program is not only bringing the campus together but also friends to those who never really had them. By the end of this year, I will not be surprised if the seniors in the PLUS program at my school will be sad to have to say farewell. In these past two years, I have grown to call some of the team family. As we all know by now it is hard to earn someone's trust but, even harder to be considered family. It takes a huge leap of kindness and generosity in order for this PLUS program to be able to run so efficiently. In other words, this program that has been running for quite sometime now, not only touches the life of one person however a plethora of lives. Every small act has a great impact on the world around us. All it takes is just one moment to stop and observe what this program has contributed. Thank you guys for helping make a difference in this world."

How can I get involved with PLUS?

  • Students who are interested in joining the PLUS program should contact their school's PLUS advisor, counselor, administrator, and/or a student PLUS Leader.

    Adults who are interested in supporting the PLUS Program at their school site are encouraged to contact their school's PLUS advisor and/or an administrator.

    Community members who are interested in supporting the PLUS Program should work with the school's administration. You may also contact Jillian Glende, PLUS Program Coordinator at (209) 933-7130 ext 8266 or jglende@stocktonusd.net.