Web Community Manager Support

  • Welcome to the Web Community Manager Support Center. This area was created to support website editors through the process of maintaining their web content. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, would like further assistance, or have suggestions for this page please email Justin Swenson at jswenson@stocktonusd.net.

    Be sure to check this page regularly as we will be posting more help guides as well as tips & tricks. New and updated video tutorials are coming soon!

    Click here for a short video on how to properly log in to your site manager

Website Basic Training

Website Do's and Don'ts



    • DO click the “Paste as plain text” icon before pasting content to assure the text font and size will match our SchoolWires website.
    • DO check the “Show App Name” box if you would like your app name to appear as your header.
    • DO write a short (125 characters) and detailed "alternative text" description of all uploaded photos to keep the website ADA compliant.
    • DO choose the option “Open in new window” as the Target when inserting hyperlinks.
    • DO sign out of your site manager when you are away from your computer.



    • DO NOT use any colored text. In general, all text should be black except in times where you may want to emphasize something short in another color like red.
    • DO NOT give your website credentials to anyone. Your website credentials are the same credentials you use to log into your email account. Avoid hacking by keeping this information private.
    • DO NOT allow anyone to edit your section/website until they have been to a Web Community Manager training. All website editors must also have permission from their director or school principal.