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    i-Ready is used to provide diagnostic assessments 3 times a year for Stockton Unified School District students in grades K-12.  The diagnostics provide key information on students' current skill level and their grade level status.  Based on their diagnostic assessment results in math, i-Ready creates individualized learning pathways for each student to help her/him learn the skills s/he needs through on-line lessons. i-Ready specifically hones in on the skills students need to learn next and provides instruction at their Zone of Proximal Development.  Teachers support students in their on-line learning by monitoring their progress and providing support when students have misconceptions.


    Key Resources: 

    19-20 i-Ready ELA and Math On-Track and Grade Level Cut Scores


    SUSD's i-Ready Resources Google Folder


    iReady Website






i-Ready Contact

  • District Coordinator

    Stephen Ward
    209-933-2105 x 2206

Last Modified on August 2, 2021