Smarter Balanced Assessment System

  • The Smarter Balanced Assessment System has three components: the Summative Assessments, designed for accountability purposes; Interim Assessments, designed to support teaching and learning throughout the year; and the Digital Library, designed to support classroom-based formative assessment processes. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Graphic (PDF) displays the relationship between these components, the Common Core State Standards, and college and career readiness.

    The formative assessment process is key to a balanced assessment system. The Digital Library is an online collection of resources aligned to the Common Core State Standards that support K–12 teachers in their use of the formative assessment processes to adjust teaching to improve student learning. The Smarter Balanced Digital Library supports educators with the four attributes of formative assessment:

    1. Clarify Intended Learning; 
    2. Elicit Evidence; 
    3. Interpret Evidence; and
    4. Act on Evidence.

    The Digital Library provides subject- and grade-specific resources intended to help educators apply the formative assessment process during daily instruction.  Resources are screened by a diverse committee of experienced educators using rigorous quality criteria.  The Digital Library has collaboration features that allow users to rate materials and share their expertise with educators across the country.

    Pursuant to California Education Code Section 60642.6, the Digital Library is available to local educational agencies (LEAs) for use in K–12.

Accessing the Digital Library

  • A brief guide to accessing the SBAC Digital Library is available here.
    A PowerPoint for new users is available here.
    Or, see the video below for instructions on accessing the SBAC Digital Library.

Last Modified on July 2, 2019