California State Preschool Program

Program Goals

  • The goals of Stockton Unified Early Childhood Education/School Readiness Programs are:

    • To provide a program where children develop intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally while gaining independence, self-control, and respect for others.
    • To provide an environment, which will enhance the self-esteem of all children through successful learning experiences.
    • To provide a curriculum that addresses the California Preschool Learning Foundations, includes materials, learning activities, time and space, and addresses the academic and social needs of students to promote life-long learning.
    • To provide opportunities for parents to be involved in preschool by volunteering in the classroom, attending parent educational meetings and being part of the program's Parent Advisory Committee.


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    Eligibility is established at the time of enrollment per the California Department of Education, Child Development Division regulations.

    • The first priority shall be given to children 3 & 4 year-old, receiving child protective services or who are at risk of being neglected, abused, or exploited and for whom there is a written referral from a legal, medical, or social service agency.
    • The second priority shall be given to 3 & 4 year-old children with exceptional needs from families with incomes below the income eligibility threshold.
    • The third priority shall be given to eligible 4 year-old children who are not enrolled in a state-funded transitional kindergarten program. Children shall be enrolled in the following order:
      • Children enrolled in CSPP as a 3 year old
      • Eligible children with the lowest income according to the income ranking on the most recent Schedule of Income Ceilings shall be enrolled first.
    • The fourth priority shall be given to eligible 3 year-old children.
      • Eligible children with the lowest income according to the income ranking on the most recent Schedule of Income Ceilings shall be enrolled first.
    • The fifth priority, after all otherwise eligible children have been enrolled, shall be children from families whose income is no more than 15% above the eligibility income threshold.
    • A California preschool program site operating within the attendance boundaries of a qualified free and reduced-priced meals school, in accordance with Section 8217, may enroll any 3 & 4 year-old children whose families reside within the attendance boundary of the qualified elementary school. These children shall, to the extent possible, be enrolled by lowest to highest income.  


What to Bring

    1. Child's Immunization Record and TB test (Cartilla de vacunación y examen de TB del niño)
    2. Birth Certificate for child enrolling (Certificado de nacimiento para la inscripción del niño)
    3. Proof of sibling's documentation (Prueba de la documentación del hermano)
    4. Physical exam for the child (or appointment date) (Examen fisico del niño [o fecha de cita])
    5. Proof of California residency (Prueba de residencia en California)
    6. Income Verification for one month (Prueba de ingresos de un mes)

Schedule of Income Ceilings for State Preschool


    Schedule of Income Ceilings for the State Preschool Program
    California Department of Education Child Development Division

    # Persons in family

    Income Eligibility

    15% Above the income
    Eligibility Threshold

    1 - 2






























    12 or more




School Site Availability

  • 3 Hour Classes

    • Adams
    • August
    • Bush
    • Chavez High School 
    • Edison Hign School
    • El Dorado
    • Fillmore
    • Grunsky
    • Hazelton
    • Henry
    • Hong Kingston
    • Hoover
    • Kennedy
    • Madison
    • McKinley
    • Merlo High School
    • Montezuma
    • Nightingale
    • Peyton
    • Pittman
    • Pulliam
    • Taft
    • Taylor
    • Victory
    • Washington
    • Wilson