Inclusion Program

  • SUSD Inclusion Program strives to provide a learning environment that values every student, promotes positive social relationships and community, and prioritizes sustainable inclusive practices. We believe every student has the right to access an equitable and inclusive learning environment regardless of ability or disability. 

    We define Inclusion as:

    • Children with and without disabilities participate in learning and community activities together
    • All children can benefit from modifications and accommodations to routines and activities
    • Inclusion teaches children to appreciate differences and expand their own understanding of diversity


    Key facts on the research of preschool inclusion

    • Inclusion benefits students with and without disabilities.
    • Children with disabilities can be effectively educated in inclusive programs using specialized instruction
    • Children with disabilities do not need to be “ready” to be included. Programs need to be “ready” to support all children
    • Individualized embedded instruction can be used to teach a variety of skills, including those related to early learning standards, and promote participation in inclusive preschool programs to children with and without disabilities
    • Parents and teachers influence children’s values regarding disabilities

    To read the full list of facts click here


    Features of SUSD Preschool Inclusive learning communities

    • Access: Staff members provide children with access to a wide range of learning opportunities, activities, settings, and environments. 
    • Participation: Staff members provide children with individualized support that allow children to participate fully in play and learning activities with their peers. 
    • Supports: Staff members are not alone! They collaborate regularly with peers. Likewise, staff members partner closely with families and work together within a broader system of district support and specialized services. 


    Inclusion Program Facility Renovation Sites

    • Phase I projected completion date:  Summer 2022
      • Locations: Adams, August, Hoover, Madison, Merlo, Montezuma
    • Phase II projected completion date Summer 2023
      • Locations: Nightingale and Washington


    Quarterly Featured Inclusion Program

    • Site
      • Merlo- 
    • ECE/ESE Staff: Need photo of staff members
      • ECSE-Rae Danielle Anderson, 
    • Classroom environment: Pictures of the classroom environment
      • Special Projects


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