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    Contest Goal: Increase the number and proportion of students who are in their i-Ready ELA and Math pathways for at least 45 minutes each week so they can pass lessons and accelerate their learning.

    Why the Contest:  We know i-Ready works to increase student achievement.  Passing i-Ready lessons is statistically positively correlated with increasing diagnostic results.  We also know students can accelerate up multiple grade levels in ELA and Math domains (e.g. comprehension) by passing lessons in i-Ready (see below).  Given i-Ready is an online program, it works well with distance learning.

    Who is Eligible:  All SUSD K-8 schools and students (Note SUSD has English Learners, Students with Disabilities and students multiple years below grade level who have demonstrated they can accelerate their learning with i-Ready).

    Prizes/Incentives:  There will be multiple opportunities for students to win prizes including a weekly drawing, end of contest drawing, and end of contest prize for those who are in their i-Ready pathways/completing teacher assigned lessons for at least 45 minutes a week in each subject.  In addition, there will be prizes for the school that gets the most points, the school that shows the highest growth, and the class with the highest average participation. 

    Campaign Duration:  The campaign will last for 9 weeks from February 22th to April 30th (not including spring break).

    What is i-Ready?  i-Ready is an on-line individualized academic program designed to supplement SUSD’s regular K-8 classroom curricula. Based on a student’s diagnostic results, the program creates a personalized learning pathway focused on the specific skills the student needs to learn.  Students complete on-line lessons and then take quizzes to demonstrate mastery of the content covered.  Students work at their own pace on content in their Zone of Proximal Development.

Last Modified on August 17, 2022