Interdistrict Transfer Agreement

  • An Interdistrict Transfer is an agreement allowing students to attend a school in a district other than their district of residence. This interdistrict transfer agreement/permit is valid only for the school year granted. The agreement/permit expires at the end of each school year and must be renewed annually.

    Approval for Interdistrict transfers are determined on the following criteria:

    • Students are accepted on a space-available basis
    • The student fails to have satisfactory academic performance.
    • Your child must have good attendance with no "cutting" classes and few or no tardies
    • Your child must not have any behavioral or discipline problems
    • All transportation will be provided and/or arranged by the parent

    This agreement may be revoked/rescinded at any time by the district if any of the above conditions are not met or if any of the information in the transfer request application has been falsified.

    2020-21 IDA Request | Spanish