Open Enrollment Grades K-12


    Open Enrollment for K-12 Students 2024-2025 School Year

    Open Enrollment offers SUSD students an opportunity to attend schools outside their attendance area. The Superintendent or designee shall determine the capacity of each school through a random, unbiased selection process. If there are more requests than spaces, a waiting list for applicants will be established, followed by a rank order to systemize students potentially accepted. Applications are only accepted within the specified dates below:

    High School

    January 8th through February 23rd

    Elementary School

    January 8th through February 23rd

    *NOTE* Current 2023 - 2024 school year, 8th-grade students must use the High School application.


    Priority will be given to students who live within their assigned school boundaries, referenced as their home school.

    All students who submit applications to the District by the end of the open enrollment period shall be considered for admission to their school of choice for the following school year under the District's open enrollment policy. Requests after the open enrollment period will be reviewed, contingent on school capacity, and processed later in the year.

    Upon open enrollment acceptance, the accepting school becomes the student’s school of attendance; for the duration of the time that the student remains at any grade level offered at that school.

    The District does not provide transportation for students who reside outside their home school. Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation.

    Once a student is accepted and attends the school of choice, the student is encouraged to comply with the guidelines below; non-compliance may result in the student returning to their home school for the remainder of the year and thereafter. Guidelines are as follows:

    •  Demonstrate daily and positive attendance.
    •  Comply with all state laws, district policies, school rules, and regulations with regard to student discipline.
    •  Maintain a satisfactory record of academic progress.


    Students who wish to return to their neighborhood school must reapply during the open enrollment period.

    Some grade levels may be impacted due to class size limitations and space availability in our schools, impacting the number of approved applications.

    An online Open Enrollment application is only available for students currently enrolled in Stockton Unified School District.


    If you live within SUSD boundaries and would like to enroll or for more information about New Student Enrollment click here.