PFT In Illuminate


    PFT Illuminate Input Tool: Where


    To find in Illuminate:

    1. Sign in to Illuminate
    2. Click on Assessments on the left-hand side
    3. Click View Assessments
    4. In the Search Bar, type "Fitness"
    5. Click on "California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) 2020"



    PFT Illuminate Input Tool: How


    1. Go to the California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) 2020
    2. Click on Go to Student Responses (blue button)
    3. Click in classes and choose your relevant class(es)
    4. Click Find Students
    5. Either choose a category or click on All Categories
    6. Always make sure to hit the blue SAVE button or your information will not be saved



    PFT Illuminate Input Tool: What - Required Metrics

    If you administer only the required SUSD Physical Fitness Tests, input these metrics only and leave the others blank.

    1. Start Date (2/3/20 - 5/8/20)
    2. Height Feet (3-7)
    3. Height Inches (0-11, rounded, do not leave blank)
    4. Weight Pounds (30-400, rounded)
    5. One Mile Run - Minutes (3-59)
    6. One Mile Run - Seconds (0-59, do not leave blank)
    7. Curl-Up (1-75, input as 1 if a student attempts 1)
    8. Trunk Lift (0-12, rounded) 
    9. Push-Up (1-75, input as 1 if a student attempts 1)
    10. Shoulder Stretch - Left (Yes/No)
    11. Shoulder Stretch - Right (Yes/No)



    If you decide to administer additional tests, you may input the results for those tests for your own student records. Otherwise, leave blank.

    1. 20m Pacer
    2. Walk Test
    3. Heart Rate
    4. Skinfold Measurements Triceps
    5. Skinfold Measurements Calf
    6. Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer
    7. Modified Pull-Up
    8. Sit and Reach – Left
    9. Sit and Reach – Right



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