• SUSD Physical Fitness Tests 


    PFT Exercises 2022


    Video for all exercises: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgIRGe0-q7SbuhJiuEKdpqbQlhzqtFJUg

    **Note: All videos are for reviewing administration only. Data collection information is outdated. For Spring 2023, we will only provide students with their raw scores, NO Healthy Fitness Zone information.

    1. One Mile Run

    Fitness Zone: Aerobic Capacity

    Description: The One-Mile Run estimates aerobic capacity from running performance. Students are instructed to run a mile as fast as they are able. Walking is permitted for students who cannot run the total distance. The time taken to complete the run is recorded for the student's raw score in minutes and seconds.

    Raw Score: Minutes and Seconds

    Video: One Mile Run Administration Video

    2. Body Mass Index



    3. Curl-Up


    Fitness Zone: Abdominal Strength and Endurance

    Description: Students are to complete as many Curl-Ups as they are able (up to a maximum of 75) at a specified pace of about one Curl-Up every three seconds.

    Raw Score: Number of Curl-Ups

    Video: Curl-Up Administration Video 

    Cadence Video: PFT Fitnessgram Curl-Up Cadence YouTube Video

    4. Trunk Lift


    Fitness Zone: Trunk Extensor and Flexibility

    Description: While lying face down on a flat surface, students are asked to slowly lift their upper body off the floor, using the muscles of the back, to a maximum of 12 inches. Students need to hold the position for measurement (i.e., distance from the floor to the student’s chin), which is recorded in whole inches only.

    Raw Score: Inches from Chin to Floor

    Video: Trunk Lift Administration Video

    5. Push-Up


    Fitness Zone: Upper Body Strength and Endurance

    Description: Students are instructed to complete as many 90º Push-Ups as possible at a specified pace (of about one push-up every three seconds), up to a maximum of 75.

    Raw Score: Number of Push-Ups

    Video: Push-Up Administration Video

    Cadence Video: PFT Fitnessgram Push-Up Cadence YouTube Video

    6. Shoulder Stretch


    Fitness Zone: Flexibility

    Description: The Shoulder Stretch measures upper body flexibility. Students are instructed to touch the fingertips together behind the back with one hand reaching over the shoulder and the other under the elbow.

    Raw Score: Do the fingers touch behind the back? Yes or No for both left and right

    Video: Shoulder Stretch Administration Video



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