Teacher Induction Program

  • Thank you for your interest in the Stockton Unified School District's Induction Program. The Stockton Unified School District Teacher Induction Program supports teachers with preliminary California credentials through a structured induction experience designed to increase their pedagogical knowledge and abilities. Completion of the induction program culminates in a recommendation for a CA clear credential for the teacher candidate.

    SUSD Teacher Induction Program Overview 

    The Stockton Unified School District Teacher Induction Program provides comprehensive, extended preparation and professional development for clear credential candidates in their first year of teaching on a preliminary credential focusing on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) in relation to the state adopted academic content standards and performance levels for students and state-adopted curriculum frameworks. Eligible candidates are matched with a mentor within 30 days of enrollment. Professional growth is guided by an induction mentor through cycles of inquiry and ongoing implementation of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Evidence collection to support the candidate’s progress toward mastery of the CSTP’s combined with the completion of all program requirements will lead to a recommendation for the California clear credential for both general and special education teachers.

    The two-year SUSD Teacher Induction Program is provided AT NO COST to induction eligible* candidates seeking to clear their preliminary credential!

    *Eligibility for the SUSD Teacher Induction Program is determined by the Candidate holding a current CA Preliminary credential. Candidates must be a full-time SUSD employee in order to participate in the induction program.

    Candidate and Mentor Matches

    The SUSD Teacher Induction Program identifies and assigns an induction mentor to each eligible candidate within the first 30 days of the participant’s enrollment in the program. Induction mentor matches are determined based on the credentials held by the candidate and mentor, same/similar grade level and/or subject area, or education specialist authorization. Every effort is made to match candidates and mentors at the same site. In addition, site administrator and candidate input are considered when making the appropriate candidate and mentor matches.


  • Lori Goldstein
    Manager, Teacher Induction Program

    (209) 933-7030, Ext. 2324

    Cate Rockstad
    New Teacher Support Program Specialist

    (209) 933-7030, Ext. 2333

    Myeasha Davis
    New Teacher Support Program Specialist
    (209) 933-7030, Ext. 2335

    Debra Caldeira
    Program Technician

    (209) 933-7030, Ext. 2312