• Important Reminders: 

    Form 1095-C for the 2023 Benefit Plan Year were mailed to employees by 3/1/2024.  A copy of the 2023 1095-C Form is now available in employee online.

    • Form 1095-C provides information about the District offered health insurance coverage and whether you were enrolled in District health coverage during the 2023 plan year. While the information on the form may assist in preparing your individual income tax return, it is not required to be filed with your taxes.  
    • Form 1095-B will be sent to you directly by your health insurance carrier (i.e. Kaiser, Anthem, Blue Shield, etc.). This form provides information on which months during 2023, both you and any dependents were enrolled in health coverage. Please contact the insurance carrier directly, if you have not received this form.  

    Planning to Retire?


    Thinking about or planning to retire and want to know your health benefit options in retirement?  Please see the Retiree Health section of this page for retiree benefit plan and rate information. 

    Contact the Benefits Department at 209-933-7026 or

    Email: Benefits@stocktonusd.net for information on your eligibility to continue health benefits into retirement.


    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available for all SUSD employees through Optum.  The Optum EAP is a confidential information and counseling service benefit provided to you and your family members at no-cost.  Listed below, are just some of the many resources available to you through the EAP.

    • 24/7 access to a master's-level employee assistance specialist by calling 1-866-248-4096 or visit online at liveandworkwell.com
    • Up to 8 free counseling sessions (per event per year) with an EAP Clinician, in-person or virtually
    • Legal counseling and mediation services
    • Expert financial coaching
    • Child and family support
    • Adult and elder-care support


    Have a Life-Changing Event?

    You only have 60-days from the date of:

    Loss/Gain of Coverage, Marriage/Domestic Partnership, Birth/Adoption of Child to notify the SUSD Benefits Department and make your benefit changes.  

    Benefits Enrollment/Change Forms you will need to complete and submit are located under the Enrollment Forms section.  Completed benefit enrollment forms and verification documents can be scanned/emailed to the Benefits Department at Benefits@stocktonusd.net for processing. 

    Loss/Gain of Outside Health Coverage

    Need proof of the loss/gain of outside health coverage: letter from the insurance carrier/employer, or COBRA notice that confirms the date you and any dependents lost/gained outside health coverage

    Marriage/Domestic Partners

    Need Certified Marriage Certificate or State of California Domestic Partnership Certificate, Spouse/Partner's SSN card, and current Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040) – for covered Spouse/Domestic Partner if you file taxes together

      • If no joint tax return, then a recent (dated within last 60-days) household bill (ex. utility, cell phone, car insurance, bank/loan statement, etc.) with your name and Spouse/Domestic Partner’s name listed 
      • If no joint household bill, then separate household bills (dated within the last 60-days) that show the same common residence 

    Birth/Adoption of Child

    Need certified Birth Certificate and Child's SSN card (NOTE: Certified Birth Certificate and SSN card take time to receive, so the Hospital issued Birth Certificate must be provided for the initial enrollment)


    Need a copy of the stamped final divorce decree: the final date will end coverage at the end of that month 

    Death of Dependent

    Need a copy of the death certificate

    American Fidelity 

    Questions on your current policies, or to make changes/cancel your policies, please contact American Fidelity at 1-800-365-8306

Contact Information