SPSA Development Resources

  • Driving Reasons for the Development, Review, Modification and Approval of School Plans for Student Achievement


    California Education Code (EC) Section 64001(g)(1):

    A school that operates a categorical program funded through the consolidated application (ConApp) shall establish a schoolsite council (SSC) if such program requires a School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) (California Education Code [EC] Section 65000[b]).


    California Education Code (EC) Section 64001(i):

    The SPSAs shall be reviewed and approved by the governing board or body of the local educational agency (LEA) at a regularly scheduled meeting whenever there are material changes that affect the academic programs for pupils covered by programs identified in this part (EC Section 64001[i]). If a SPSA is not approved by the governing board or body of the LEA, specific reasons for that action shall be communicated to the SSC (EC Section 64001[i]).


    California Education Code (EC) Section 64001(i):

    Modifications to any SPSA shall be developed, recommended, and approved or disapproved by the governing board or body of the LEA in the same manner (EC Section 64001[i]).


    California Education Code (EC) Section 64001(c):

    A LEA shall ensure, in the ConApp, that the SPSA has been prepared in accordance with the law, that SSC have developed and approved a SPSA for each school participating in programs funded through the ConApp process, and that SPSAs were developed with the review, certification, and advice of the school English learner advisory committee (ELAC), if required (EC Section 64001[c]).

Online Resources: SPSA Planning and Development

  • State & Federal Programs, is please to share the following from San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE).

    SJCOE’s Continuous Improvement and Support program is pleased to share with you our SPSA Modules. This Padlet-based collection of resources and tools has been developed, curated, and organized to help you find the information you need to develop your School Plans for Student Achievement, including:

    • A SPSA Toolkit
    • SPSA Basic Components
    • Aligning your SPSA with your District LCAP
    • LCAP as Your SPSA
    • School Site Councils
    • Comprehensive Needs Assessments (State and Local Data, and Root Cause Analysis)
    • Identifying Resource Inequities
    • Selecting Evidence-Based Strategies
    • Monitoring and Evaluating Your SPSA
    • CSI and ATSI
    • Support Options from the CIS Team


    When you open the Padlet, be sure to scroll right; there are 14 columns of information to check out! If you have any support needs beyond these Modules, feel free to email or let us know through this brief survey.

Tools and Resources

Informational Bulletins

  • Informational Bulletins are excerpts of processes, practices, and information on various topics that support the activities overseen by State and Federal Programs staff.

    State and Federal Programs staff will continue to enhance the level of information provided in "bite size" chunks and embedded the content within the SPSA Budget and Program Handbook.

Timeline of Activities

  • 2023-2024 Timeline of Activities


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