Parent Student Advisory Committee

  • The Parent-Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) is made up of our parents, guardians, and students of various Native American Indian ancestry, affiliation, and other ethnic backgrounds. The PSAC's overall mission is to support SUSD's Native American Indian program through guiding, participating, and organizing yearly events that assist our Native students in their educational and cultural endeavors throughout their formative years.

    The PSAC is in need of more parent and student participation! If you are interested in our program, please come to one of our monthly meetings. Meetings are held at the Native American Indian Center at Edison High School.

     BYLAWS Updated August 2021

Meeting Topics/ Grant Requirements

    • Review Budget and make suggestions
    • Review Student Data- surveys, academics, particpation rates, graduation rates
    • Ensure Meaningul Collaboration with nearby tribes
    • Monitor Program Goals - Goal 1 Cultural Awareness/ Goal 2 - College/Career Readiness
    • Hold a Public Hearing- Spring 
    • Develop and Follow By Laws

Indian Education Grant Guidelines

  • A guide to our Indian Parent Committee - Indian Grant Parent Committee

     Who must be on the Indian Parent Committee?
    ESEA section 6114(c)(4) requires the Indian Parent Committee to be comprised of:

    (1) Parents and family members of eligible Indian children enrolled in the LEA.

    (2) Representatives of Indian Tribes on Indian lands located within 50 miles of any school that the agency will serve if such Tribes have any children in the school.

    (3) teachers in the schools; and

    (4) If appropriate, Indian students attending secondary schools of the agency.


    What are the responsibilities of the Indian Parent Committee?
    The responsibilities of the Indian Parent Committee are as follows: 

    The Indian Parent Committee consults with the LEA on the development, operation and evaluation of the program through the application process. 

    The Indian Parent Committee approves the Title VI Indian Education Formula grant application and any amendments to the application and approves the use(s) of Title VI Indian Education Formula grant funds in school-wide programs. 

    The Indian Parent Committee establishes and abides by reasonable by-laws.

    The Indian Parent Committee determines the frequency of the Indian Parent Committee meetings.


Agenda and Minutes