Community Advisory Group (CAG)

  • CAG is an important component of a formal, court-approved, five-year agreement (Agreement) between the Stockton Unified School District (District) and the California Department of Justice (DOJ). It is intended to provide members of the community with an opportunity to review and comment on changes made by the District and approved by the DOJ as they comply with mandates intended to better serve the needs of its students. The CAG is required to meet on a quarterly basis with a written overview of the meeting being published within 45 days. The report is intended to be reviewed by the DOJ approved monitor, School Superintendent, the Chief of the school police department, and the public.

    CAG Report #1

    CAG Report #2

    CAG Report #3

    CAG Report #4

    CAG Report #5

    Status of Agreement Compliance March 2020

    Stockton OIR Group, Second Status Report to DOJ