• Developer Fee Process


    Our Developer Fee process has changed.  Developer Fee documents and payment is by APPOINTMENT ONLY (no exception).  Please email SUSDDeveloperFees@stocktonusd.net or call (209) 933-7005 to schedule an appointment.  You may also follow the online process as outlined below.

    • Please email the “Certificate of Compliance” form and any other documentation that pertains, to SUSDDeveloperFees@stocktonusd.net. Please make sure these documents are in PDF format.
    • Upon receiving your “Certificate of Compliance” form, a District employee will prepare your certificate and email you back an estimate form that displays the total amount due.
    • After you receive the Estimated Developer Fee form that displays the total amount due, please make a check or money order payable to SUSD (Stockton Unified School District).  You can send the check via regular mail or FedEx/UPS to the address below:

                   Stockton Unified School District

                   ATTN: Accounts Receivable/Developer Fees

                   56 S Lincoln Street

                   Stockton, CA 95203

    • After we receive confirmation that your check or money order has cleared, a District employee will send a Certificate of Compliance for you to print, sign and email back to SUSDDeveloperFees@stocktonusd.net.  Please make sure this is in PDF format.
    • After receiving the signed Certificate of Compliance back, a District designee will sign off and send an executed Certificate of Compliance form along with the completed Certificate of Compliance from the City or County.  You then give a copy of both completed and signed forms to the City or County.  The completed forms also serve as proof that you paid school fees/developer fees to Stockton Unified School District.

    Annual and 5 Year Developer Fee Report Notice of Availability 2022