• Developer Fees 


    Developer Fee Process

    Our Stockton Unified School District office is closed to the public right now due to local health concerns.  The way in which we operate as far as Developer fees is going to be different for a while.  Our current process is outlined below, so we can get you taken care of as soon as possible. 

    • Please email the “Certificate of Compliance” form and any other documentation that pertains, to SUSDDeveloperFees@stocktonusd.net. Please make sure these documents are in PDF format.
    • Upon receiving your “Certificate of Compliance” form, a District employee will prepare your certificate and email you back an estimate form that displays the total amount due.
    • After you receive the Estimated Developer Fee form that displays the total amount due, please make a check or money order payable to SUSD (Stockton Unified School District).  You can send the check via regular mail or FedEx/UPS to the address below:

                   Stockton Unified School District

                   ATTN: Accounts Receivable/Developer Fees

                   701 N. Madison Street

                   Stockton, CA 95202

    • ****Please note, there will only be an employee at our building to receive mail/FedEx/UPS on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  Make sure to choose Tuesday or Thursday delivery ONLY if choosing FedEx or UPS courier.
    • Once payment is received, our Accounts Receivable Technician will deposit your check or money order on either a Tuesday or Thursday.
    • After we receive confirmation that your check or money order has cleared, a District employee will send a Certificate of Compliance for you to print, sign and email back to SUSDDeveloperFees@stocktonusd.net.  Please make sure this is in PDF format.
    • After receiving the signed Certificate of Compliance back, a District designee will sign-off and send an executed Certificate of Compliance form along with the completed Certificate of Compliance from the City or County.  You then give a copy of both completed and signed forms to the City or County.  The completed forms also serve as proof that you paid school fees/developer fees to Stockton Unified School District.

    2021-22 Developer Fee Rates

    Single Family Level II Effective June 9, 2021

    • Level II Fee - Single Family Residential Construction will increase to $4.73 per Square Foot

    Multi-Family Level I Fee Currently in Effect

    • Level I - Multi-Family Residential Construction will increase $4.73 per Square Foot 

    Commercial and Industrial Construction Currently in Effect

    • Commercial and Industrial Construction will remain at $.61 per Square Foot

    Developer Fee Justification Studies