• Microsoft Teams has breakout rooms!

    Good news!

    Microsoft has added breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams.  To learn about how it all works, just check out this brief video:

    If you aren't familiar with what Microsoft Teams is, please check out this short two and a half minute MS Teams intro video (

    For an introductory tutorial on MS Teams, checkout this 20 minute video (

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  • Reporting Phishing Emails

    Everyone at the District is encouraged to report suspicious emails that are designed to scam someone of their money, identity, or anything worth selling in the dark web.  We generally refer to such emails as phishing emails.

    The general practice for reporting phishing emails have been to forward such mails to  Well, today you have more options.  The easiest way to report such emails is to click the Phish Alert Report button within the Outlook program.  It looks like this:

    Phish Alert Report button


    If you are using the web version of Outlook, you'll find the Phish Alert V2 menu item as follows:


    From the email in question, click the link represented by the three dots (see #1 below).

    OWA 1


    A menu will show.  From the menu, select Phish Alert V2 (below).

    Phish Alert V2


    That's all to it!

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  • This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

    Another Government Organization Hit by Ransomware [posted:20 Dec 2019]

    Just recently, the City of Galt was hit by ransomware, following on the heels of the City of New Orleans cyber attack which occurred just the week before.  We are taking preventive measures here at SUSD to protect our systems, yet we all must remain vigilant of suspicious emails.  Unfortunately, school districts are also a major target, this is the new norm.  

    The good news for us is we are following best practices for our users through the use of new technology and cyber security training that began early this year.  In an effort to continue to protect SUSD’s network, we will share more cyber security training come 2020.  So please keep your eyes open.

    As always, when you aren't sure about an email, don't hesitate to send it to  Soon we will have a button added to Outlook email to make spam/phishing reporting much easier.

    Thank you.

    Information Services


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  • Below is a brief 3-minute video about phishing/scams and how to deal with them.  As always, if you are in doubt about what you are seeing  in your email or computer, contact helpdesk or email


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