Getting Help

  • Log a service request

    Service Request

    There are 2 ways to get technical assistance:

    Everything begins with your Service Request.  Our staff prioritizes and manage their work queue using our ticketing system.  With that in mind, with a ticket number, you can check the status of your request online or via phone.

    If you call and leave a voice message (during the day or after hours), IS personnel will return your call and supply you with your Service Request number (SR#) if it's for a new service request, or we will provide you with status information about your existing request, if that is what you asked.

    When the work is completed, the Service Request Number is "closed" in the system. The "fix" will be documented in the Help Desk Support Center Solutions database for future reference. Each request is unique.  So every time you contact the Help Desk on another issue, you will receive a new and distinct number.  Likewise, if you are accessing the ticketing system online, you can log a new ticket for any new issue you wish to report, and that will cause a new ticket to be generated.

    Help Desk Online Quick Instructions

    1. Launch your Internet browser ( Internet Explorer, Chrome)
    2. Type this website or click on this link
    3. Enter your username and password (same as your computer login)
    4. Click the “New Issue” button
    5. Fill in the 4 fields Name, Contact Number (phone), Subject, and Description before you click on the “Add Request” button at bottom of the page.

    For detailed instructions with screen captures please click on this hyperlink:  View Instructions.

    These very short videos (about 2 minutes each) provide basic usage introduction of the online helpdesk system.

    1. A quick tour of the helpdesk system,
    2. How to log a ticket, and
    3. How to follow up on a ticket.

    NOTE:  When logging tickets, it is always better to provide as much information as you can, to include any empirical data (e.g. when the problem started happening and symptoms) and how you can recreate the issue.