Procare Attendance Training

  • Agenda

    Teacher Coordinator Prep



    • Determine the number of students each day in the program
      • Work with your program facilitator
      • if the daily number is above 175, please contact Dominique Ortega
      • If below 175, let your cafeteria manager know the count for each day.
        • 1 to 2 weeks in advance to ensure snacks are available

    Teacher Coordinator and Facilitator collaboration

    • Where will teacher-only students sit for snack time?
    • When and where will they be picked up by the teacher?
    • Who will supervise them during snack time?
    • Who will sign in students?
      • Teacher, Facilitators
    • Who will sign out students?
      • Teacher, Facilitators
    • How will you handle late pickups?
    • How will students who attend the full program be returned to the ASP? 
    • Will the site allow walk homes?
      • require admin approval
    • How will you communicate with each other?
      • Teacher absences

    Procare Tutorials