General Curriculum Q&A


    When is the Q & A for teachers as a PD after we have the materials and have used them?

    Follow up PD, day 3, will happen at the September STA PD Day.


    Can Resource students be added to a “class” for the RSP teachers?

    Students are rostered to a homeroom teacher. Students can be rostered to RSP teachers in Synergy which are established at the site level.  


    Will headphones be provided/purchase by district for giving i-Ready?

    Site-based issue. Many sites are fully equipped. Sites have been advised of the need for headphones. Please communicate with your administrator.


    Is Designated ELD assessment required?



    How do we grade 6 point rubrics to transfer to a 4 point report card?

    There is no need for the rubrics to match. If you have 4 6-point rubrics, your total points will 24 points. Of those 24 points is the child at 4=exceeds grade level, 3=at grade level, 2=not quite at grade level, 1=not at grade level.


    How long are both adoptions for?

    The curriculum has been purchased for 6 years.


    Do we need to inventory the manipulatives we already have?

    No, the curriculum department is working on generating a list of manipulatives needed to complete the kits per the recommendations of the Ready Math program.


    Will resource teachers/specialists receive manipulatives?

    Resource teachers can partner with classroom teachers to utilize manipulatives for students.


    Will preschool and T-K teachers receive CORE Reading Academy?

    Not at this time.


    Early intervention is essential K-3. Will there be protocol and assessments that we will use?

    Yes. Expected assessments for all programs will be communicated through a grade level assessment calendar.


    Will we be establishing SUSD-wide daily timeframes for content delivery?

    We are no longer a DAIT or SAIT district, so the time restrictions many recall from NCLB days no longer are mandated by the CDE. We have some flexibility, each program has guidelines for their lessons.


    Is the instruction in pre-school and T-K aligned to support the instruction at K-12?

    Members of the curriculum department have been working alongside preschool and T-K to find alignment to our new curriculums. These grade levels are looking at the adoption of Steps-To-Advance, which is a program which prepared students for the use of Benchmark Advance.


    Can we use the foundational strategies and materials in Step-up?

    Step Up works to align their curriculum to support the curriculum used during the school day.


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